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Crafty Betty is now at Newark Craft Hub
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Betty was my Grandma; my Mums Mum and my sewing inspiration; the original Crafty Betty. Inspiring me from the very beginning with her endless supplies of fabric remnants, beads and buttons, Betty Brown taught me to sew. My Grandma had the patience of a saint.

Every school holiday I would raid her spare bedroom for fabric to make tents, dolls clothes and sort through her sewing box learning about the gadgets and tools that she had stashed in there. When my Grandma sadly died in her early 60's I was only 14 but I was old enough for her wisdom and knowledge to have had an impact on me.  

I was lucky enough to inherit her sewing box. I loved it, and her button box still keeps me supplied with unusual, unique buttons that they only made in the 50's! I miss my Grandma and indeed my Grandad, and it seemed a fitting tribute to name my business after her.  

I trained as an Art Textiles teacher but found that working for myself was far more rewarding. And so Crafty Betty was born, and continues to grow with enthusiasm, eagerness and masses of determination

So that's how Crafty Betty came about. Many people now call me Betty, and if I am truthful I kind of like it, but the face behind Crafty Betty is me. Michelle Baker. 40 years old, Wife to Mark, Mum to Darcie and Step Mum to Kian. and Callum. We live in rural Lincolnshire and have two Border Collies: Bella and Stitch.

Keeeeeeep Crafting!

Michelle x
BA (Hons) Education & Arts Award Adviser